Monday, December 6, 2010

Small Spaces:: addressing grade and reclaiming space

terracing what we used to be a muddy slippery slope

framing out the 'upper' grassy play space with steel veggie planters with the dual fold purpose of keeping small children cozily up, in, and within sight!

Entry to the upper grass space to the front door

alternate view from opposite end

sweet, sweet salvia within the surrounding garden

face if rock and steel

a lovely visitor, one of many!

simple Bouldin re-do:: in the back

Defining and shaping the back as one larger gravel area, stepping into a very simple graveled nook within the garden

Using what you have:: we removed old rickety handrails and opened up this deck space on both sides to access the surrounding space, resuing what we could

walk through and separation of upper and lower space---within such a small space, simply, allowing for multiple areas to hang with the family

framing out and retaining garden space